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How to Use Podcasts as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

By Brooke Gocklin The rumble of traffic. The buzz of a bee. The whoosh of your coat in the wind. Sound carries with it a sensory experience like no other. Audio stories are different from any other medium for this very reason. Podcasts are used by several influencers, industry experts, and entertainment artists to share perspectives, […]

Building Trust and Engagement: Best Practices for Financial Services Content Marketing

By Kara Parlin Content marketing is rapidly changing, with new opportunities and challenges arising in the financial services sector. But effective financial marketing requires careful planning and execution, particularly given the regulatory landscape that governs the industry. To better understand how content marketing has evolved and the strategies that will be essential for success this year […]

Improving Content’s Impact Using Marketing Data Analytics

By Laura Starita  Marketing budgets increased in 2022 after dropping to a historic COVID-19-related low in 2021. But content marketers can’t celebrate yet. That extra budget increases the expectation that marketers prove content delivers business results. Content marketers must step up their marketing data analytics approach to show how content delivers business results. Doing so brings two fundamental benefits. First, marketing […]

Marketers Are Behind: Here’s How to Win Back that Competitive Edge

By Megan Morreale The Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) position as we know it is in trouble. Companies like Taco Bell, Uber, Johnson & Johnson, and Hyatt Hotels have eliminated the CMO position and course-corrected with replacement roles like Chief Growth Officer, Chief Experience Officer, or Chief Revenue Officer. Only 70% of Fortune 500 companies had CMOs in 2019, down from […]

Top 5 SEO Strategies to Help You Rank Higher

By Amanda Lawson SEO may feel like “internet alchemy”—that intangible thing you’re not exactly sure you know what it is, but you know you need it if you want to see your content on Page 1 in a search. And with the rapid change in algorithms and technology, how do you know you’re doing the right […]

How Video Marketing Is Reshaping Content Strategies

Video is now the main way people consume content online. Much of that video content is pure entertainment, but consumers are itching for branded videos. In fact, 91% of people say they’d like to see more videos from companies they support. In response, brands are investing more in video marketing content than ever to meet such strong engagement and potential […]

In Tough Times, Self-Aware Marketing Helps You Stand Out & Save Money

The DC superhero Deadpool has many superpowers, but his strangest one is completely unique—he is the only superhero aware of his comic book status. In one issue, when asked why he did something, he retorts, “Because this is my book.” In his movie, he calls a particularly cliched comeback from his nemesis “lazy writing.” Fans […]

Prep Your Team for the Future of Marketing with These Key Lessons

The future of marketing is bright with opportunity. AI gives us the ability to create incredibly customized messages for our audiences. And consumers will continue to expect more personalized content and advertising as they engage with brands they love and those they’ve just discovered. The algorithms and technology used to serve those unique experiences will […]

Three Ways to Use Google Trends for SEO in Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is like cooking. There are days when you are inspired and creative and deliver the best risotto ever. And then there are times when you just want someone to tell you what to whip up because you’re flat out of ideas. Another challenge? Your creation has to satiate even the most finicky eaters. […]

What Are the Hot Content Marketing Trends in Technology for 2023?

Here’s the hot take on the trends related to technology for content marketing, based on responses to the 2023 Contently State of Content Marketing Survey. Almost all content teams—94 percent, in fact—use some technology to facilitate content creation and delivery. That’s according to the 206 marketing leaders who responded to the survey. A common thread connects […]